What is Keto?

Looking to get a jump start on your health and fitness goals for the new year? Thinking about trying the ketogenic diet. You might’ve heard the term already — it’s a huge diet buzzword (even doctors are promoting it) — but not quite sure what it means. Here’s the elevator pitch on Keto: The ketogenic diet is an eating plan that drives your body into ketosis, a state where the body uses fat as a primary fuel source (Stacey Mattinson, RDN, Austin, Texas).

Going on a ketogenic diet means eating a specific combination of macronutrients (carbs, proteins and fats). With a heavy load of fats, and a major cutback in carbs. Doing this throws your body into ketosis, and you now start burning off fat like ice metling on a hot summer day. Our bodies constantly need energy, and it’ll burn anything it can in to get that energy. Here’s the trick though, it’s set to burn carbs from food first, before it turns to stored body fat. So if we starve the body of carbs, it’s starts going to stored body fat for energy needs. G

Keto for your body type

Figuring out whether you’ve got an Adrenal, Ovary, Thyroid, or Liver body type gives you that much more of an edge to pushing your keto diet full-steam ahead to burn off the excess fat you’re want to rid yourself of.

According to Dr. Eric Berg (DC from Virginia and a leader in Ketogenic diets), these four body types require different setups to maximize the effectiveness of Ketosis. Adrenal types, need to notch up the protein intake. They need to get more sleep, go higher on cholesterol (HDL, the good kind, not LDL, the bad kind), boost leafy greens and pump up the Vitamin C. 

Ovary types really need to go organic, and move away from estrogen heavy intake that’s often found in GMO foods. Also notch up the protein and good cholesterol just like the Adrenal body types. and really tap into foods rich in iodine.

Thyroid types, on the other hand, want to dial back on proteins, but still go rich in iodine. Because of the much slower metabolism, these body types are really looking at an intense form of restricting the window of caloric intake during the day.  This is a challenge, as the body needs to get enough calories and nutrition for the whole day in a very limited time frame.

Liver types, also pull back in proteins, but also need to be watchful of not overdoing nutty types of foods. Pushing cruciferous and green veggies is a must for this body type. While feeding in all the good fat throughout the day, and not pumping in just a couple meals.

Cravings on Keto

Just like every diet plan ever created, you’re going to run into cravings on the Ketogenic diet plan. Cutting out more than 80% of your carbs and almost all the sugars in your diet, is going to create some serious cravings. Here’s a few steps to get those cravings under control:

  1. Eat the Food You Crave Less Often.
  2. Use Portion Control.
  3. Hide The Food. (keep it out of plain sight)
  4. Substitute a Healthier Food. 
There’s also many great supplements you can incorporate to curb your cravings.